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A navigable, online encyclopedia, of the entire evolutionary tree of life

What is Phylogeny?

Phylogeny concerns the evolutionary history and development of organisms, how they diverge and evolve from each other, and the relationships between them.

What is the Phylogeny Explorer?

The Phylogeny Explorer is a navigable, online encyclopedia of the entire evolutionary tree of life. Navigate the cladogram, from root to tips, and see ancestral lineages branching like a tree. Search for specific clades or species, and interact with the nodes at each branch to find out more information, including pictures, parent or child clades, and reference material.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the Phylogeny Explorer Project, please contact one of our admins, or apply to become a member in our Facebook group, Phylogeny Explorer Development.

At the moment we grant only access to the Explorer if you meet one of multiple conditions:

  1. You are volutering with us.
  2. Have made a donation present or in the past.

Granting access at this point in time costs the Phylogeny Explorer Project lots of money and infrastucture. Once we are fully running we will give limited access to all people.

Please note where in Alpha stage meaning we do not yet have the ability to edit the tree. Meaning not everything is in the correct order.

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